Allegedly, Law Enforcement officials told CNN they are bracing for violence from the far-right who oppose a pro-abortion group.

CNN’s Whitney Wild reports: “They’re closely monitoring social media chatter that suggests there’s a potential for violence against abortion clinic providers, abortion clinic staff, members of the Judiciary.

In short, CNN is projecting extremism on all conservatives using January the 6th as a benchmark. I have said this since January 6th, the law enforcement, the FBI, CIA, and every three-letter agency will use January the 6th to bring down anyone that opposes the globalist agenda of the new world order.

They are setting the stage to make it, so the average loses their freedom of speech entirely. With that being said, beware of false flags, especially when law enforcement and mainstream media are putting out this kind of propaganda.

By Victor J. Morrow 1290

Podcaster, Blogger, Freethinker.

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